"Striving to do great things for the good of others"
District No. 13 Officers



Mizpah Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star

Jurisdiction of Alabama, PHA




 Sis. D. Crawford, Grand District Deputy

 Sis. J. Mondy …. Grand District Deputy Assistant

Sis. N. Kendall ….. Grand District Secretary

 Sis. A. Robinson ….. Grand District Treasurer

Sis. G. Taylor ….. Grand District Chaplain

Sis. V. Smith ….. Grand District Lecturer

Endowment Office

319 17th Street N.

Birmingham, Alabama 35203

Office: 205-731-9126

Fax: 205-731-9149

Mizpah Grand Chapter Officers

 Grand Worthy Patron .. Rev. Dr. B. Williams

 Grand Worthy Matron .. Sis. A. J. Pringle

 Grand Associate Matron .. Sis. S.  Pratt

 Grand Associate Patron .. Bro. C. Miller

 Grand Recording Secretary .. Sis. S.  Kelley

 Grand Secretary/Treasurer .. Sis. M. McInnis

 Grand Endowment Secretary .. Dr. E.  Shepard

 Grand Endowment Treasurer ..  Sis. F. K. Ray

 Trustee Chairman ..Bro. L.  Smith

Esther Council of Matrons & Patrons No. 2

Council Matron ..  Sis. G. Taylor

 Council Patrons .. Bro. H. McCray

                              .. Bro. T.  Frazier

 Associate Matron .. Sis. J.  Mondy

 Associate Patron .. Bro. L.  Smith

 Council Secretary .. Sis. C.  Hill

 Council Treasurer … Sis. N. Kendall

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GDD Crawford

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an

answer, it sings because it has a  song.”     Maya Angelou

Deputy Crawford does not serve because

she has all the answers, but because she has

a song of love and a sweet charitable

spirit. District 13 is located in Jefferson

County, Alabama.  There are 60 Chapters in

the county and 30 are under the care of

Deputy Crawford. District 13 is proud of

its service to the citizens of Jefferson County

through the work of its chapters. The

chapters hold health fairs, cookouts,

sock drives, coat drives and much more to

benefit the citizens of Jefferson county.

Some chapters  are regular contributors to Childrens’

Village, Bessemer City Schools, and  Birmingham City Schools.

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oes_GC_color_120x115   GWP Rev. Bernard Williams 9/12/1952 – 8/22/2014 Sept. 12, 1952 – Aug. 22, 2014  

 PGWP Rev. Charles A. Lett, Jr.               1915 – 3/23/2014 
PGWM Edna Williams          11/18/1934 – 09/13/2013





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